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M & N Firearms Training is deadicated to training and teaching persons interested in proper and safe handgun use , by effectivly training people with the skills needed to become a better owner of a firearm.
M & N Firearms Training teaches not only the individual but groups as well as the proffessional.
Give us a call and let us help you in becoming the best you can be!

We are Licensed and Insured our instructor is a Certified NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor  and has been in Law Enforcement for 15years.

We have our own range and classroom on site, although we do post scheduled training dates on our Facebook page we also offer individual and small group courses aswell.

When looking for a Concealed Carry Class to obtain your Louisiana Permit be sure to seek a qualified instructor, one who complies with the State mandated 9 hour course. Anything less is not worth the risk if God forbid you need to use your firearm.  So be sure you have an insured and licensed instructor and not a quick certificate. 
About our Instructor

NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor:

Law Enforcement Officer of 15 years:

Our instructor Michael Roach has been involved in Law Enforcement for nearly 15 years, he has served in many possitions of Law Enforcement both as a road officer , supervisor and administration.  He has worked as a public servant for well over 25 years not only in Law Enforcement but in the Fire Service as well.
Michael is a trained NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructer and continues to adance his training and skills to better serve his fellow Officers, his Department and the community in many levels of Firearms Training both for the professional and private handgun operator.
Michael is Certified in Handgun and Shotgun and is highly skilled in working with beginners and teaching them how to become confidant in there ability.
Skilled in teaching, instructing and training Michael also has Degrees in Counceling as well as Ministry, these teaching skills are the reason many of our students feel so comfortable in our classes, he has a special way to make all feel as if they are the only one in the class.

So when you are seeking a place to get your training, be sure to find someone who meets all your needs, if you are a beginner and need to learn everything from safety to proper care and shooting fundamental or if you are a seasoned shooter and looking to enhance your skills, we are sure you will find our Instructor will meet all your shooting needs.